Salad and “Pizza”

Cauliflower is not bread. I was suspicious of the swap, and now I’m sure.

Last night my husband and I got adventurous and tried a cauliflower crust pizza. I have had it pinned to my board for main dishes on Pinterest (recipe source) for a while, and my craving for pizza has peaked, so we decided to try it. I can’t have grains on Metformin, so this seemed like an enticing alternative. I was skeptical because I’m not crazy about cauliflower anyway; when it’s in a veggie tray it’s my second to last option, I only eat it if the only other option is celery. Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t get much better as “pizza crust.”

It wasn’t that hard to make, and we did tweak the recipe a little (meaning I used a ton of cheese). I would say, though, that the amount of effort did not equal the amount of satisfaction. I don’t know what planet someone was on when they decided it “serves 2,” unless they meant two babies. Or two people as a side dish. I could double the recipe and eat the whole thing myself, but maybe that’s just me. When it did come time to eat it, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t just taste solely of cauliflower, but that was probably thanks to the abundance of Kroger brand pizza blend cheese. The biggest problem came after I was done eating. Not only was I still hungry, my mouth tasted like cauliflower for hours. In an attempt to kill those two birds with one stone, I kept eating other things: 2 cheese sticks, 2 kiwi fruits, and half a Kroger Carbmaster cultured dairy blend (because I can’t have regular yogurt, and only half because I didn’t like the flavor). Luckily my doctor had advised me to not count calories, to just eat until I was full when I was hungry. I know it’s working, too, because yesterday I stepped on the scale and I’m down 12 pounds from my heaviest weight!! Yay!

Besides the “pizza” incident, this past week I’ve also had a challenge with other meals, both in variety and temptation. We watched my niece and nephews over the weekend, so we had a lot more “kid food” than normal. That was pretty easy to avoid, since as a vegetarian, I don’t eat chicken nuggets or hot dogs anyway.  Potato chips, french fries, and pancakes, however, were tough to resist. To thank us for giving them two kid-free days, my brother-and-sister-in-law took us to dinner on Sunday night. 

I always feel awkward/guilty when dining out with people. It was a little difficult before, because everyone was always concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find something meatless to eat. I did fine though, most places have baked potatoes, assorted side vegetables, or my favorite, macaroni and cheese. Now with my restrictions from the medicine I’m taking for my PCOS, my options are usually narrowed to salads and vegetables. I travel a lot for work, and normally we eat really well. Not well like healthy, but well like a lot of delicious food. I’m probably going to put together an ongoing post of places we eat and what I end up eating there (and likely how many places have a delicious cheesy pasta dish that I have to pass on.) But I digress…

One nephew wanted to go somewhere that served his beloved hot dogs, so we ended up at Applebee’s. Normally it’s not my first choice, but, I figured they’d at least have a salad I could eat. I might be the world’s worst vegetarian, though, because I’m not crazy about salads unless they have a ton of toppings. Our other option was Steak N Shake, and I’ve gotten the salad there before, and it’s just lettuce, tomatoes, and the saving grace, cheese. Snooze. Anyway, for dinner I opted for the Fiesta Chopped Chicken Salad, with no chicken. It said there were tortilla strips in it, but I thought it’d be safe since usually that means there are a few sprinkled on top. Nope. This salad was easily 1/3 tortilla strips, meaning I looked like a picky weird-o pushing them all to one side of my dish, just eating the lettuce, salsa, peppers, onions, and cheese. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I’ll add it to my list of go-to meals. 

In case anyone was curious, the did have a wonderful mac and cheese dish there. And my brother-in-law ordered it. And I was jealous.


12 thoughts on “Salad and “Pizza”

  1. Hahaha I’ve tried the cauliflower pizza crust before–it surely isn’t the same.
    And eating out is ALWAYS a struggle when you’re trying to eat clean. You’re on the right track! Keep it up 🙂

  2. I absolutely HATE cauliflower but I do really love cauliflower pizza crust. It’s the only way I will eat cauliflower. But you are both right, it definitely is not the same as eating pizza. At all.

  3. Hi Courtney, Sorry to see you didn’t like the Cauliflower crust Pizza – as mentioned at the bottom of my post, neither did my wife, maybe it’s a women thing 😉 I agree the portion is small, my wife and I are on the 5:2 diet, which restricts calorie intake 2 days a week to 500 for a woman, and 600 for a man. The other 5 days, you can eat whatever you like. It’s also called the starvation diet for obvious reasons. I should have said, serves 2 people starving themselves. Cheers. Mick

    • Hi Mick- wow, thanks for replying to my post! I had just cruised yours for the recipe, didn’t realize it was for a restricted calorie diet. I am going to give the pizza another try, I think I might just need to get used to it… plus I’ve never been that crazy about cauliflower so that might be it, too 🙂 Best wishes to you and your wife on your diet!

      • Looking at your blog, your diet is pretty restrictive, I have another recipe on my site that fits your dietary requirements (if you dare after the “”pizza” incident” ). It’s eggplant lasagne (BTW,I don’t like eggplant either). I’d be interested to see what you think I recommend you double the quantities (at least). Good luck with the blog, and pregnancy.

      • My husband made this for me last night and it was so good! Thank you for this suggestion. He doesn’t like eggplant and I told him you didn’t either but you liked this, but I couldn’t get him to try it. Oh well, more for me! 🙂

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