Man I’m tired.

I just got back from a three and a half day work trip to Las Vegas. It was fun when it was fun, but the times I was working were exhausting. Plus Sin City is full of wonderful restaurants and I had to get salad at every stupid one we went to. There were some tasty salads, but man oh man did some of the other things look good (hint- they almost all had fancy mac and cheese).


Even though I got kind of sad and grumpy that I wasn’t getting to eat much hot food, I did find out that if I “cheat” in moderation, I can still have a very little bit of foods forbidden by my low-amylose diet and the Metformin does’t hate me. There’s a Joe’s Stone Crab in Vegas that has the absolute best Peanut Butter Pie in the world. Luckily my boss ordered a slice and let me take one bite so I wouldn’t be so upset about not getting any dessert. I also found out that I can have up to two Michelob Ultras in one night. Yay beer! This revealed to me, however, that after not having any beer since Christmas, one light beer is enough for me at a time.  I have to drink plenty of water with it and after it before drinking another, because my tolerance has gone way down. Luckily I recognized this before I got the second one, since I was at a work function with 60+ clients, 4 co-workers, my direct supervisor, her supervisor, a VP, and the CEO. PLUS I was wearing 5-inch stilettos and had to go around the event taking photos.

The best part of all, though, was that I made personal-history. I actually lost weight on a work trip. A pound. I swear since I started traveling for events two and a half years ago our travel season (Feb-November) is also weight-gaining season. But I ended up coming home a pound lighter! I started TTC about 9 months ago and knew I needed to lose weight, but was having a tough time, and actually gained 3-5 pounds. I started the Metformin in the middle of December and have since lost 17 pounds. I’m really hoping this does the trick and gets my ovaries in shape!

I did have a ovary related victory as well, Aunt Flo came without any further medical intervention. The doctor had requested that I call if I didn’t have a period within 60 days, and I practically had my finger on the dial button when she showed up, Day 60. So, we’ll see if the next round is that long, or if things really are starting to work.



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