Things are getting close!

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell

…Then I hope I’m success-bound because I’ve been in preparation mode for approximately forever. Or like 15 days, but whatever. Here I am on CD 15, which means in 15 days I’ve missed 6 hours of work, had 4 ultrasounds, 4 blood tests, 3 trips to the doctor (3+ hours round trip each time), 8 Bravelle injections (that came with a $250 price tag), and 30,000mg of Metformin.
Thankfully the only expenses have been time, gasoline, and the Rx, because I’m finally back on the unheard-of-so-wonderfully-amazing-I-can-hardly-stand-it insurance I get through my employer. These specialist visits are covered in full up to $2500, (I think I’d be around $900 so far this cycle), then after that they cover 80% until I reach my out of pocket maximum of $1200. I can’t even get over this coverage, you guys. I don’t mean to brag to those who likely are going out of pocket for most or all of their treatments… I only did that for 10 weeks and it used up a month’s pay. I just have to say it outloud (type it outloud?) to believe it’s real.

Anyway I journeyed up to the doctor on Thursday to get the u/s to see if my follicles were showing up for duty. I had roughly 100,000,000,000 little ones open, and three medium ones (one right, two left). I thought I was going to be done with my injections then, but hahahahhahaa no. I got the call later that afternoon saying I had to come back in Saturday morning. That was an interesting trip because my niece and nephews were staying at our house for the weekend (6 y/o boy, 5 y/o twins, boy and girl). My husband was left alone with them for around 4 hours while I was gone- something he’s not done before. They’re his sister’s kids, but she or I have always been there to ‘help’ him, he never even babysat, so he doesn’t have a ton of only-him-and-kids experience. But, he survived (and so did they!) so it was a general success.

"General Success"

“General Success”

Good practice for him for when we have kids! During my Saturday morning appt it was revealed that the medium follies were still medium, but like upper-middle-class medium, moving in the right direction.

Since I originally was only supposed to be on the Bravelle til Thursday, my mail-order supply was running low. Thank goodness they gave me free doses at the doctor’s office- I don’t have the cash flow to buy another round right now. The nurse said she didn’t know if the doc would approve me just taking a couple more doses then doing the trigger shot, or if I’d have to come back in. Well if you do your math from earlier you’ll know, I had to make a third trip in, this morning. I finally got some good news today though!! One follicle is officially big enough for action (I’m so proud!), and a couple others are *this* close. I’ll take my last Bravelle injection tonight, Ovidrel trigger tomorrow, then it’s time to baby dance.

There’s nothing like telling my husband he has to keep his schedule open on Wednesday and Thursday, we have plans. Doctor’s orders.

7 thoughts on “Things are getting close!

  1. Totally awesome to have insurance coverage. One of the (only) perks of my husband being a resident is free medical care, so we haven’t paid a dime yet for our infertility treatments, or anything else really. I feel totally guilty sometimes when I read others struggling, as I really can’t imagine the added stress of affording this care. Good luck this cycle, prayers it’s the one!

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