What does family mean to you?

If anyone who followed me before is reading this- I have big news. I got pregnant. And had a baby. He’s delightful and the light of my life, and I plan to do a big update series on what got me to this point. From the day we found out I was preggo until I was holding him in my arms, I didn’t dare update for fear of losing him. When I held him in my arms I still held onto that fear- the fear that something would happen to him, which held me back from updating. But I’m here now, and ready to share my story. Almost.


First I’d like to explore FAMILY. What does family mean to you? Do you only count the people who were born from the same lineage as you as your family? Is it only genes that makes a family? My humble opinion is no, of course not. Family is the people that you love, regardless of blood. I have friends that I consider siblings. I have pets that I’ve deemed my kids. I have colleagues at work that form a whole different kind of “family” for me, since we travel across the US and Canada together several times a year.

Where am I going with this, you might ask?

FAMILY IS MORE THAN BLOOD is a message that I’d like to share far and wide. It doesn’t even have to mean “someone that I’m not technically related to is still my family,” to you. It could mean that the bond you have with your kin is based on more than your bloodlines. It could mean that your history together, your memories together, supporting each other through hard times, and your lifelong inside jokes are what makes your bond as strong as it is. Perhaps you have kids that you consider your own, but they were not born to you, be it through adoption or becoming a step parent. Just because there isn’t blood there doesn’t mean you’re not family.

Linked below I have a fundraiser page to help a very loving, deserving couple grow their family though adoption. The shirt being promoted was designed to convey our message- that Family is more than blood. It’s not customized with their names or identifying information, so you can wear your shirt proudly to show your love for your family- no matter what that means to you.




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