Valentine’s Day Project

I wanted to share my Valentine’s Day Project… my 11 month old’s Valentines that he’ll be taking to daycare today. It was a super simple project.

I never thought I’d be “that mom” that was all “HEALTHY SNACKS! THE KIDS NEED HEALTHY SNACKS!” but since starting my necessary-because-otherwise-Metformin-will-attack-my-digestive-system low amylose diet and keeping a closer eye on all the sugars I eat, I have a hard time imagining that I’ll give my Dom a lot of sugar. I’m already planning out how I’ll get him to avoid soda when he goes to other kids’ houses and limiting how much candy he’ll get to keep at Halloween. I want him to reach for fruit instead of fruit roll-ups, so the longer we can avoid that sweet, delicious, tempting candy, the better.


I printed the tags on cardstock and just stapled them over a little treat bag- a pack of 25 was only $1 from Dollar Tree! I love a good pun, and instead of chalky conversation hearts or sticky chocolates, the kids in his daycare will get at least one healthy treat.

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